Why Choose Us?

We are the only cloud-based software in the Bangladesh that automates the E&P land life cycle, streamlining your processes and saving you money.

  • A Complete GIS Mapping and Analysis Solution.
  • Manage any Land Asset in any Industry Anywhere in the Bangladesh.
  • Unique Methodoligies


Land Management is always secure and reliable and our experts are here to support you 24/7

Land system integration tools

Exchange data with GIS, accounting, document management and facilities management databases.Two-way integration allows you to keep your document management system in sync with Pandell GIS.


iLandMan’s team of GIS mapping experts are available to help gather the parcel and well data necessary for any project. We will configure the data for upload and make any corrections necessary so you have the best possible map layer data whenever you need it.

Accounting Integration

Uniting your E&P’s land team accounting department, you will work better together with more accurate data and more efficient processes than ever before. Reduce costs and increase profits by eliminating assumptions, duplication.

Complete GIS integration

Your agents in the field can update landowner contact information using mobile devices and print contact history reports.

Wide-ranging security settings

Grant role-based security permissions based on various criteria, including screen, division, workflow stage, business process, project and more. Keep your data secure with rigorous access levels,including screen-by-screen.

Check writer/check register

Manage payments and annual 1099 reporting, automate complex rental or production royalty payments for renewable energy and mining leases, determine production royalty payment amounts using formulas.


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